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This custom 12-week workout plan will be tailored by me to help you achieve your specific fitness goals. We all have different bodies, not all plans can be the same for everyone. This 12 week training phase will include:

  • 2-6x days of training (depending on the days you can workout)
  • assistance with calorie/macro and how to track
  • grocery list
  • PDF file w/ tips on how to track food, staying consistent, and disciplined.
  • customized for GYM or HOME workouts (you will only need dumbbells/bands for home workouts)
  • check-ins are WEEKLY and it is your responsibility to check in. I am expecting a check in from you! No check-in means I cannot update you plan to continue having you make progress. Expectations are set each week and reminders are set for your check in date! Direct communication with me for any questions or comments are available. If you send a message outside of our check in date, I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.


You will receive an email with a questionnaire for you to complete within 48 hrs. I will be in contact upon purchase :) Please allow 3-5 calendar days for me to send you your custom plan once I receive your questionnaire. Your plan is customized for you, I ensure your plan is perfect as it will take me some time. 

Once plan is purchased there will be *NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES! If you get ill, miss workouts, etc... the program CANNOT be paused or no makeup days will be added to your plan. The plan is consecutive and will not be stopped.***

I am excited to have you begin your fitness journey with me! I believe in you and it is time to put in work!!